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Out With Old and In With the New Old

October 10, 2017

I don't know how long I'll last.  Honestly.  I mean, I thought I was going to be okay until I saw all the new velvet items out for the fall....but, I took a deep breath and backed away from the magazine.  Backed away from the temptation of purchasing new fall attire.  

What brought me to this is that I was recently inspired (and you know I love a little inspiration) by some upcycled clothing.  It wasn't so much that I liked what I saw, but I was inspired in that "why didn't I think of that" kind of way and felt challenged.

 I've spent all of my life....ALL OF IT.....creating new things from old.  But never clothes.  Not because I don't love fashion, expressing myself through fashion is a huge part of who I am.  I've just always been more about, how could I mix and match and accessorize what I have, than what could I actually "make" out of what I have.  Maybe that's because I only possess the basic sewing skills required should we be faced with post apocalyptic challenges.  (I seriously dreamt this once and I did indeed have a bad ass outfit that I stitched together from scraps.)

So, I dug around in my closet looking for that catalyst.  The kicker was it needed to be something that I really didn't have to sew.  I needed a pallet.  And my pallet needed to be an item I wear regularly.  

Of course my eyes kept pulling me to my stash of Complimentees, because those are obviously a key part of my wardrobe.  I played with altering some of the first samples that weren't quite, but not exactly what I was looking for. jeans.  Because I just can't bring myself to wear the "new and improved" jeans (aka mid-waist and high waist jeans) that are hot right now, it seemed like a good idea to refresh my current jeans.  And, hello.....a true pallet!!!  For reals, when I was a young teen, my jeans were my truest pallet because I painted, wrote and drew on them all the time.  They were right there....on my body in a perfect sitting position for doodles!!!  And many times, I poured out my heart and soul in iambic pentameter on those jeans.  Jeans it would be!!!!

They were already perfectly broken in with just the right amount of distressing.  Sigh.  

I didn't even really have to think.  My nature took me to words and whimsy.  Bold colors and the thoughts that were on my mind.  I jumped right in and didn't want to leave the studio.  

 I discovered a pattern.  My jeans....were really just an extension of my Complimentees and a need to encourage others to live a positive life, for themselves and complete strangers.  The words were different, but the messages so much the same.  Seemed kind of perfect actually.

Then I said to myself, take that tag out!!!!....that tag with that number that society has led us to believe is all too important....get that out of there!  Best upcyle skill ever!!!!  So, I ripped it out and wrote in exactly what I feel about how those jeans fit.  JUST RIGHT!!!!  YES!!!!  I am not a number!!!  I am not a 0, a 7, a 12, a 22.....I am just right for me.  Whew, what a relief!!!!

The end product made me so happy that I found myself painting a lot of my jeans over a long and rainy weekend.  Doesn't leave me for much diversity this fall and I will absolutely look like a walking PSA.....and more than likely I will fall off the wagon when a pair of crushed velvet harem pants crosses my path...and that's okay too.  Who hasn't fallen off the upcycle wagon for a perfect pair of harem pants before?



Do you?



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