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Glow Gold

February 12, 2017 3 Comments

The thing about colors is not everyone sees them. I’m not talking about being colorblind. I’m talking about those who don’t open their minds to truly see color……those who stifle in their very conservative and organized worlds to the point that they no longer see past khaki and white. Maybe occasionally gray. I realize you can find these on color chips at the paint store, but that doesn’t mean they are actually colors. And they certainly don’t inspire any warm fuzzy feelings.

I used to think that those who didn’t live in full color didn’t have a choice, that it was just the way their brain was wired, But, not everyone. It’s not true for everyone. Some simply have never stopped to see the colors. It’s kind of like never stopping to smell the flowers. And if you guide them to the colors, and give them time to gather their confidence in color, they will embrace it. And never look back, actually.

Sometimes even I need some inspiration for a specific color. I become a color snob and put a color in the corner because it’s too “hip” or “overused”.

This happened to me with yellow for almost two decades. At one point I drove a yellow car because I wanted to be surrounded by sunshine no matter where I was and there were so many shades of yellow in my home and then one day. I was done. I wanted yellow gone. And I buried it deep in the dirt like it had the plague.


That ended today.

Today he gave me back my yellow. I caught a moment that probably wasn’t intended for me. Him, lying in the pasture with our matriarch canine who is currently reaching the end of her life due to bone cancer. And it was as if their love pulled a shade of yellow out of the sun that I had never seen before. And I was warmed.

Thank You. You gave me back my yellow.

3 Responses

Christy Chambers
Christy Chambers

June 29, 2017

You make me see more of everything, through your writing. Beautiful sentiment, and testimony. Love you dearly Shawn.

Sherri McElhaney
Sherri McElhaney

June 24, 2017

Oh, the feels…and the tears. Forever grateful for the Nana leans. They may have been few, but I cherish them. The Carolina Jasmine I planted in honor of your Mamma has yellow blooms. Funny how the universe works sometimes.

Christine Toscano
Christine Toscano

June 23, 2017

Yellow suits her so well…and you too!

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