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Taking It To The Streets

October 22, 2017

I was so excited to hit the streets again in the great city of Nashville to spread a little love!!  This time, my compadres were a threesome who belong to a local cirque company, Beyond Wings, and one of our adoptable adorables from Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue, Mr. Watoosie Lombardi!  I couldn't imagine anything that could bring more smiles to passers-by than a circus act and a smooshed faced ball of fur!

And what a day we had with our very tiny parade of peace and positivity!!!  This time we went into the 12th South district and though the response to our "happy" was a little bit different than our last location, two things remained the same....

1.  Tourists are always the most  appreciative of happiness being paid forward to them. Thinking about it later, I'm pretty sure it's because they are in a different frame of mind than those who are residents and in the shuffle of their day.  More open to embracing a stranger with a plan!!!

2.  People are SHOCKED by kindness.  They second guess it's for realsies.....but we're for real y'all!!!  WE WANT TO MAKE YOUR DAY AN INCREDIBLE ONE!!!  I hope the more we do this and the more we share what we are doing, that the day comes when we hit the streets and the people say out loud "yes!!!!" instead of "are you sure?"

(I'm just saying, this group of friends had it going on....blankets in the park with wine and cheese for lunch on a random Tuesday.  I will also note, they embraced the happy with ease!)

We handed out balloons, a few t-shirts, some trick or treat bags and a our very homemade, very upcyled, very fun and friendly compliment signs!!!!  I mean, what else are you going to do with all those Amazon boxes, right?  The hope I have with the compliment signs is that the receivers will raise them high to others and then pass them along to someone else who maybe needs a boost in their day!!  

(and of course, the perfect excuse for my happy upcycled jeans from the last blog)

After Watoosie and I got back home, I went to social media to do a few posts and had to move fast and get straight to it, because there was so much negativity staring me in the face in my newsfeed.  The same when I turned the tv on and the news was much unhappy....change the channel please.

 I've always known that making others smile, made me happy, but I'm not sure I ever realized how deeply it settles in your soul, until the world tried to change it for me that day.  

You don't have to ignore life.  No one needs to be oblivious to what's going on in our world, that's neither safe nor healthy.  BUT YOU CAN CHOOSE how much you allow in and how you let it effect you.  It seems everything in life is about making good choices, right?

("You Complete My Rainbow" t-shirt is available in the online store!!!)


I challenge you all to hit the streets, get out of your comfort zone, STAND TALL, spread love,  and embrace the happy!!!  







*thanks to Kasey, Emily, and Dylan for coming out and doing your thing the only way you know brings so much joy!!!  big thanks to Michelle Conner King with Michelle Conner Photography for following us to capture every perfect moment.  We are excited to use your works on the web-site for a little make-over soon!!!!  We certainly hope you were able to feel the love behind the lens!! 



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