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I Remember The Day You Were Born

January 29, 2017 1 Comment

Even though it was really many more moons than I can exactly remember, it doesn’t seem that long ago that Complimentees was simply a wish of an idea. I scribbled my ideas on some paper and stamped a few circles and dots with a pencil eraser. And I liked it.

I thought of those in my life who made me think my thinks. Those who inspired me, made me belly laugh, and made me stand in awe of their beauty inside and out. I wanted everyone to feel that way. Like their own sun came out to shine just for them. Whether I passed them on the street, or at the grocery store or waiting on the curb in the car rider line….I wanted them to have the opportunity to feel that warmth.

I thought about how amazing it would be the first time someone actually read a tee I was wearing and smiled or even just nodded and then I would know. It worked. I dreamed those big Willy Wonka dreams about so many people wearing them that entire towns filled with sunshine smiles.

And here we are.

Almost a decade later and my little wish of an idea is about to become a reality. It seems as if it was meant to be put on hold until now. Like maybe way back then just wasn’t the time, because I feel like now more than ever….we need this. We need these words, this “movement” if you will.


So much has changed in this nearly a decade that when I really think about it now…..It seems like a lifetime since you were born.

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Christine Toscano
Christine Toscano

June 23, 2017

And the world smile from the moment she was born…

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