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When I first began the research process of starting a t-shirt company, I learned so many things.  Most of which I don’t remember.  What did stick with me was the massive amount of textiles that find their way into our landfills each year.  

We THINK we are helping by donating our clothes to second hand clothing shopping options, but the truth in that is only 30% of what you donate ever goes onto the floor for resale. 

We THINK we are helping by donating our old clothes to mission groups headed to less fortunate areas of the world who surely could benefit from our gently used clothing. But their landfills are already overwhelmed with our textiles.  There are JUST TOO MANY CLOTHES.

So, in learning this, I made the decision that I would only print t-shirts as they were ordered.  It might take longer for customers to receive their orders and it definitely would cost more to produce each t-shirt that way, but I felt strongly about it.  

But that wasn't enough.  

And this is where my idea for RePurposed by Complimentees was born.  It’s a time of necessity now.  Not because we “live without” if we don’t,  but because we live with too much and we need to pay attention to what excess is doing to our environment.  

Complimentees wants to be on the forefront of making repurposed textiles an industry…not just something crafty people do.  To make that happen, we need you to dig it, to see it’s worth and commit to the purpose of RePurposed!!!  

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