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The dogs of Snooty Giggles are a huge part of the inspiration for choosing to live a positive lifestyle and wanting to encourage others to do the same.
As the director of a predominantly special needs rescue, every day I am blessed with being able to not just observe, but totally submerge myself into the lives of some extremely amazing dogs. 
In my home we have fosters who are blind, deaf, or blind and deaf. There are others who have cancer, or maybe just two legs instead of four. There are dogs with terminal heart conditions, chronic illnesses, and some who have survived abuse we can’t even fathom.
But they all have two things in common…AMAZING ATTITUDES and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
They don’t judge. They don’t hate. They don’t hang onto their past.
Every single day they wake up happy for the sunrise with nothing but sloppy kisses and tail wags.
To them everyday I am beautiful, I am smart, I am funny, and they even seem to think I sing well, too!!!
And dogs don’t lie. Nope. Their compliments are the real deal!
So, it only seems natural that a percentage of every Complimentees purchase goes back to the dogs to help cover their medical bills.

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