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RePurposed Stuffie - Ethel Jones


At the end of a RePurposed day, there is still a pile of scraps in the laundry basket screaming not to be sent to the never never landfills.  We sort through those scraps and make two pile are the pieces that if you squint your eyes really hard, you can see the parts of a very special Stuffie that could potentially bring a smile to a child.  The other pile, well...we cut that up into tiny pieces and use it to stuff these special creatures to make them nice and soft for tiny hands to hold.  

Just like all RePurposed items, every Stuffie is one of a kind.  But even more so as they seem to take on a personality.  Just as each Stuffie is RePurposed, so are their very special names.  You know those crazy dogs of Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue that we help support by giving back?  They never use the same name twice, so once a dog is no longer in the program, that name is retired.  We've decided to bring them out of retirement and you know...give them RePurpose!!!


RePurposed Stuffies come in Xs, small, medium, large, and xl.....but you are going to have to use your imagination because there are no real rules to measurement here!!

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